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When it comes to aches felt after fender-benders, or strains from overexertion during sports participation, there’s often a great deal of force involved, even when an injury is classified as minor. Dr. Bryan Edmiston of Om Spa Chiropractic & Wellness in Charlotte, North Carolina, can quickly diagnose and treat the pain that accompanies these injuries, while assessing your body mechanics and looking beyond the pain, toward your complete wellness picture. Call or schedule an appointment online.

Sports and Auto Injuries Q & A

How does chiropractic treatment fit into injury treatment?

When injuries such as broken bones are ruled out, and soft tissue damage in the form of cuts are treated, it’s tempting to think you’re “fixed” after a car accident or sports injury. Yet, with the extreme forces involved in the initial incident, there could be much more damage of which you’re unaware, and which may impact your long-term wellness.

What damage occurs beyond the obvious with auto accidents and sports injuries?

Muscles and ligaments may be stretched and stressed, creating micro-tears that don’t show up in post-incident diagnostic imagery. However, the next day, when you wake up with stiffness and pain, you’re quite aware of the body’s inflammatory response to these injuries.

Inflammation also tends to immobilize body parts that normally flex. This can slow healing by restricting blood flow through an injured area. Chiropractic adjustments gently restore mobility to damaged areas, improving blood flow and reducing inflammation.

Scar tissue is another natural response, as your body deals with these micro-injuries by shoring up damaged tissue with new growth. In a muscle that you can stretch and flex, working out the scar tissue isn’t usually a problem, but in other cases, you can’t work the tissue, such as with the ligaments of the spine. The movements provided through chiropractic care serve to break up scar tissue along with restoring motion.

Why does Dr. Edmiston recommend more treatments after my pain is gone?

Pain sometimes works like the engine light of your car. Both “switch on” when you or your car need attention. Your mechanic switches off the engine light once the problem is fixed, and pain typically goes away after the worst impact of an injury subsides. However, that’s where the comparison ends.

Unlike your car, there’s not a set point of repair, no simple replacing of parts to restore your operation. Healing is an ongoing process. A fortunate benefit of chiropractic adjustment is that relief from pain symptoms often happens quickly. This doesn’t mean, however, that all damage from injury is gone.

Ongoing care keeps your body in the best condition to not only finish healing, but to strengthen and maintain itself. Your body’s mechanics improve, which may lead to enhanced performance on the sports field and better protection in the case of future accidents.