I am a Functional Medicine Doctor and Naturopathic Physician. I help busy people overcome health issues that are getting in the way of performing at the level they desire in their careers, family life, social life and recreational activities. Whether it be fatigue, digestive problems, hormonal issues, weight problems, need for better sleep or headaches, I can help. The people I work with already know that drugs and surgery are not the answer to the problem nor the way they want to address it. If you're looking for someone to engage with you in problem solving and lay-out a natural, evidence based plan of action to bring things back in balance and which will reverse the symptoms you've been experiencing, I can help you. I have 24 years experience in this, many thousands of patient interactions, and I get it. What to expect: I combine the history and present situation given to me in either an initial personal visit, on-line skype, Google Hangouts session or phone consultation. We then determine if there is reasonable testing through Blood, Saliva, Stool, Hair, etc that would be insightful and helpful in building our plan of action. For those I see locally, I will do my variation of Contact Reflex Analysis ( Muscle Testing ) to specifically focus on which organ systems and glands need some specific support to accomplish your goal. We will then, based on my knowledge and experience and your commitment; lay out and implement a clear pathway to your desired goal. By using the best personalized diet, natural medicines and pharmaceutical Grade nutritional supplements along with fitness and lifestyle advice I ensure you win at every level. 

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